The brilliance is not just in what we do, it’s in the way we do it.

We offer chrome, nickel, copper, brass and gold plating, as well as stainless steel and aluminum polishing. Chromed parts are triple plated (with copper, nickel and chrome layers). An additional acid copper layer is added to parts with rough, pitted surfaces. Our prices are reasonable and our work is completed as fast as humanly possible. But most importantly, the parts that once shined brightly regain a brilliance that lasts.

“Our Grandfather Luther taught himself metal polishing and worked for a company in South Pittsburg, TN that made cast iron wood burning stoves & heaters. He became a polishing foreman. By 1910 the company decided to Nickle plate highlighted parts on their products. He also became the plating foreman. He had 6 sons. When they were physically large enough to work, education was over and they went to work under Luther. All 5 sons were involved in polishing & plating for their lifetimes. My Uncle Nelson started our company in 1945. When my Father, Richard, was discharged from the Army after WW-2, he joined Nelson as a partner. Joe and I are the third generation.”

– Rod Graves


59 years of service

The last of our company’s original crew when we moved to our current building in 1961.  Ira just celebrated his 83rd birthday.  He knows every inch of our shop, and every piece of equipment.  Both of his sons (now deceased) worked for us for years.  His Grandson has now worked for us for 19 years.


45 years of service

Responsible for racking, wiring, plating He also
handles wastewater treatment, EPA, and OSHA


19 years of service

Ira’s grandson Jack of all trades. Primarily our final stage buffer, but also works on all metals and has become a very able plater when needed.


12 years of service

Quality Control, Shipping and Receiving, Assistant Plater when needed. He also handles phones and computer duties. He is Rod’s very able assistant. Joel is also a musician, singer, songwriter, and a DJ on WLAY-FM


43 years of service

Benny came to work for us at age 15 before finishing school. His uncle brought him in and said that he needed a job. He works on all types of metal but is a Pot Metal specialist. He does a great deal of filling and repair work. He’s our top Stainless Steel man. He’s also responsible for us getting into hand operated air tools for top quality work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get prices?

Prices quoted by picture, telephone or fax, are only estimates! We must personally inspect each job before we reach a final quote and that quote is determined, in large part, by the time it takes to complete each job. Please note that pot metal and aluminum are more expensive to process than steel. Our minimum price is $100 per order, and all parts are returned to you C.O.D. This includes the cost of plating, handling, shipping, C.O.D. expenses, insurance, etc., all of which will be itemized on your invoice.

How do I pack my parts?

For starters, please pack carefully and be sure to include a packing list in your shipment, with your name, address, phone number and special instructions—if any.
Use packing and wrapping material and place small parts in a can or a box. Larger items such as grills, radiator shells, and other large parts that can be easily damaged should be shipped in wooden boxes or crates. We’ll use the same container to return your parts to you, once they have been plated. In terms of carriers, we prefer UPS, but feel free to ship by other means of transportation including air, bus, truck or parcel post. Lastly, be sure to adequately insure your shipment and clearly indicate your name and street address on each container.

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